Houston Way

Houston Inc. continuous improvement promise

We are a group of agile software experts from Finland. Dozens of successful software projects lay behind us – even more lay ahead.

We believe in continuous improvement. For a leading edge expert that’s the only path to follow.

We believe it is essential to continuously share our knowledge with others. This blog will document the path we discover using the following methods:

  • Dojos
    Dojos are about trying to find a solution, not finding it. Every Dojo session will be led by a Dojomaster. He presents a challenge. The 6-10 Dojo participants will implement a solution with rotating pairs. The solution will slowly evolve towards a common vision. If you are interested in the Dojo-concept and its origin, please refer to e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dojo .
  • Conferences
    There are numerous conferences related to software development. We will actively participate in them and spread our knowledge and ideas gathered at the conferences.
  • BrainTrain
    BrainTrain is an individual ride that every Houstonian can take. He will come up with an idea, implement it and finally share it here. This method relies entirely on the imagination and activity of every individual. Sky is the limit.
  • Code camps
    We organize code camps on carefully preselected software topics. One expert with deeper knowledge of the subject will lead the code camp. Code camps are excellent methods for teaching completely new subjects.

Using these methods and tools, we promise to

  • Learn more
  • Teach others
  • Be the example

In the race for excellence there is no finish line. That is the Houston Way.

We proudly sign for continuous improvement,

Mikko Ahola, Jukka Dahlbom, Timo Friman, Kari Helenius, Jari Hennilä, Pasi Honkanen, Stig Högman, Heikki Häyhä, Lauri Illukka, Jouni Kröger, Marno Kulmala, Heikki Leskinen, Henri Meltaus, Ari Metso, Petteri Parkkila, Andreas Prudzilko, Jukka Puranen, Esko Pylsy, Ohto Rainio, Jukka Rantala, Timo Ratilainen, Kristina Saarinen, Tommi Syvänperä, Vesa Teikari, Mikko Timoharju, Tomi Tuominen, Sebastian Vuorinen, Vesa Ylönen

Houston Inc. 02/22/2011 #houstonway

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